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The Pleasures of Walking in England

There are numerous public footpaths throughout England, and they are a great starting point for walking and hiking. This blog will show readers how enjoyable this pastime can be and give advice on how to start. Walking is not only a healthy hobby but can also be a great way of socialising with others.

Walking for Health

Walking is a form of exercise and is an excellent way of getting in shape. By upping the pace or hiking across different terrains, a cardiovascular workout can be achieved. Swinging the arms will increase the speed and help propel a walker forward. England has many national parks that offer different routes for all abilities.

Joining a Group

Walking and hiking don't have to be solo hobbies, and there are numerous rambling groups throughout all the English counties. Some of these are particularly suitable for families and will offer shorter walks on accessible footpaths. Other groups will provide more challenging hikes, perhaps along the English coastline, which may include overnight stays.

England has some gorgeous countryside and is a fabulous place to take a walk or a hike. The counties of Somerset, Devon and Kent are particularly popular, and visitors can explore natural habitats, scenic cliffs and discover native flora. The Wyre Forest and the Brecon Beacons are highly recommended and offer the chance to see ancient trees and challenging hills. Walking and hiking in England is a pleasure for all ages.